are you single?

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That depends on the size of your bank account

do you two read scandinavia and the world?

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no, sorry

How do I know when I should use vil or ønsker?

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vil = want/want to

ønsker = wish

idk if there’s a rule for what to use when, but of course there’s a difference between “I want a puppy” (“jeg vil ha en valp”) and “I wish I had a puppy” (“jeg skulle ønske at jeg hadde en valp”).

Ta det på gefylen, as we say in Norway.

Today I came across the phrase "lange i masken". This seems to be an idiom because the literal translation makes no sense. Can you explain it?

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hahahahah!! omfg

i think it means sad or something ;)

How well is homosexuality received in Norway?

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I was going to answer this with a positive answer, but then I realised that it’s not really a question which a straight person should answer. It would be better if our followers, preferably queer, could answer this question. 

Edit: answers from some of our followers under the cut

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Trollstigen , Norway . .by pascal Kiszon
hei :) I was wondering if you could help me, what's a good way to say " That sounds like a great/good idea" in Norwegian?

you can say “det høres ut som en god idé”

For the anon asking about hiking: Den norske turistforening has lots of information on outdoor activities in Norway. I've only really looked into their "Safety in the Norwegian Mountains" thingy, but maybe the other stuff's interesting, too? The English version of the website can be found at english(.)turistforeningen(.)no

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What do you think about the norwegian show 'Kollektivet'? Is it worth watching?

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i watch some of their stuff, but not all of it is my type of humour. I guess you should just try for yourself and see if you like it :)